At the request of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Middle East Institute (MEI) solicited a series of short academic papers on aspects of Kazakhstan’s domestic and regional policies for advancing prosperity, confidence-building, political stability, and nuclear nonproliferation. Experts from MEI and three other leading institutions presented their work in a round table discussion on March 29, 2016. They engaged in an active exchange of views with invited counterparts from the U.S. administration, think tanks, and from Central Asia, including Afghanistan. The papers are available for download below.

Table of Contents

Kazakhstan's Oil and Gas: A Powerful Partnership Potential
Arial Cohen

Kazakhstan: A Pivotal Player in Eurasian Trade Links
Alex Vatanka

Kazakhstan's Developing Non-Proliferation Goals, Opportunities, and Challenges
Richard Weitz

Kazakhstan's Ambition for Central Asian Economic Integration
Ralph Winnie Jr. and Cole Daubney