A Lebanese company fronting for Hezbollah allegedly has contracted with Kuwait University to provide students with training in computers and information science, according to the Kuwaiti daily al-Shahed. Alarmed Kuwaitis have asked the Ministry of Education to investigate the reports. According to the al-Shahed report, the sources claim that the front company is using its program to “brainwash” the students and is providing them with free travel to Lebanon, including tickets and accommodations, which includes arranging visits to Hezbollah headquarters in Beirut.


Iran often prefers to work through Hezbollah in establishing a presence in the Arabian Peninsula and infiltrating its institutions, taking advantage of the large Lebanese community in several Gulf states as well as their common ethnicity and language. As a result, Gulf Arabs are on the lookout for evidence that even seemingly benign programs may be used for purposes of undermining regional security and advancing Iran’s agenda.