Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has declared that “Iran has no fears about the future decisions of President-elect Trump in regards to the likelihood of him nullifying the [2015] nuclear deal.” Zarif said, “Iran too will have options at its disposal in its reaction.” “President-elect Trump likes to be surprised, and we will surprise him.” Later, however, Zarif maintained that “it would be in everyone’s interest if the nuclear deal is upheld.” Earlier Tehran had rejected speculation that the Iranians had been .

Zarif’s bold comments follow this week’s release by the Iranian Foreign Ministry of its fourth quarterly report about the state of the implementation of the nuclear deal. In this latest report specifically highlights concerns about the future of the deal under the Trump presidency. The main concern that the report identifies is the lack of certainty among potential foreign investors - that are holding back - due to doubts about what President Trump will do vis-à-vis Iran once he is in the White House.