Electronic and Online Resources

The Oman Library strives to provide our patrons and scholars with valuable and relevant websites and databases for research and educational purposes. Below is a list of websites that serve as supplemental and valuable resources. While some of these publications exist physically in our collection, few are accessible only online.



ADC Times () Publish quarterly news updates, press releases, and sometimes access to full text books about civil rights, heritage, and politics of Arab-Americans.  


AFAQ Al-Thaqafah Wa' Turath United Arab Emirates Research center with electronic materials, including full text books, magazines, manuscripts, e-books, and newsletters.


AKIS the leading weekly journal which appeared between 1954-1967 digital version of AKIS should be of great help to the researchers of Turkey. 


Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East Outlet for current events reporting and feature articles about regions in the Middle East. Categorized by country: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey.   


Al-Qantara: Revista de Estudios Arabes Articles from Al-Qantera: Journal of Arabic Studies, as well as many other journals related to current events in the Middle East.


Arab Studies Journal  Full text of Arab Studies Journal volumes from years 1993-2009 via JSTOR. Focuses primarily on current events/feature pieces from each respective year.


Bulletin of the Near East Society Archived issues of the Bulletin of the Near East Society dating back to 1949, as well as other digital copies of rare materials about the early/mid-20th century Middle East.  


Current Trends in Islamist Ideology Reports, articles, and feature pieces, and speech transcripts dating back to 2004, with a specific focus on Islam.


Access to Middle East and Islamic Resources (AMIR) Blog where various free, full text books, articles, and reports are posted, categorized by various countries in the Middle East and surrounding regions.  


Access Newspaper Archive: al-Ahram 1876-2014

Journal of Palestine Studies Feature articles Interviews Book reviews Quarterly updates on conflict and diplomacy.

The Link Complete collection of full text digital copies of The Link dating back to 1968, as well as other resources like current events articles, pamphlets, and various archived materials.


Middle East Business intelligence (MEED) Current events news and special reports about Middle Eastern countries, with a special focus on the business sector.


Middle East Report (MERIP) Op-Eds and articles regarding the Middle East and surrounding areas.


Middle East Quarterly Full text PDF copies of the Middle East Quarterly dating back to 1994, audio lectures, book reviews, articles, and suggested blogs.


Middle East Voices Archives of photographs, videos, current event articles, and podcasts.   


National Commercial Bank Economist.


Organization of the Islamic Cooperation Journ


Pakistan and the War on Terror by: Ashley J. Tellis Full text online article.


Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture Quarterly journal that aims to shed light on and analyze complex issues dividing Israelis and Palestinians. Access to documents, archived issues of journals, reports, and letters.


Perceptions Journal of International Affairs  Full text scholarly articles, reports, and journals dating back to 1996 with a specific focus on Turkish foreign affairs.


Peuples Méditerranéens (Mediterranean Peoples) Full text copies of journals and books dating back to 1977 focused on Mediterranean people and cultures.  


Saudi Aramco World Bi-monthly magazine published by Saudi Aramco featuring current events and feature articles, access to back issues dating back to 2010.  


Turk Dili: Dil ve Edebiyat Dergisi Journal of Turkish Language and Literature, access to some full text volumes and various articles within them.




Library of Congress E-Resources, Middle East Studies Filter: A collection of 21 databases in one search, great starting point for general background or more targeted research.


Library of Congress Near East Division's "North Africa & the Middle East 2011 - 2013" archive: Collection documenting the events of the region from 2011 to the present, focusing on the Arab Awakening. Includes news articles, blogs, tweets, and other social and news media in Arabic, French, and English.


Library of Congress Near East Division's "Jasmine Revolution: Tunisia 2011 - 2012" archive: Aggregation of website documentation of Tunisia's "Jasmine Revolution" at the outset of the the Arab Awakening  


Asian Development Bank: Economic information on Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Encyclopaedia Iranica from Center for Iranian Studies at Columbia University: General, Iran-focused.


Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran: Specific focus on women during the Qajar Era in Iran (1796 - 1925) with bilingual digital material ranging from objects, audio files, photographs, manuscripts, letters, legal and financial documents, and other materials.


African Index Medicus from the World Health Organization: North African medical journals.


MENALib - The Middle East Virtual Library: Combination of full text books and articles on Middle East and North Africa, and Turkish Studies in English and a variety of other languages.


Middle East Librarians Association Committee on Iraqi Libraries: Various documents and images related to Iraqi Libraries and publications.


UNESCO Institute for Statistics Document Library: Statistics and reports on Middle East.


Full Text Collections


Afghanistan Digital Library: Full text of 573 Afghani Books published between 1871 - 1930.


Middle East Journal from the Council of Overseas American Research Centers: Searchable, full text of five journals in English, Hebrew, and Turkish.


Electronic Open Stacks from University of Chicago: Completely searchable, full text of a variety of wide variety of books in English and other languages.


Iranian Studies Group @ MIT: full text of Iran Analysis Quarterly available, as well as "Bibliographica Iranica" which provides titles of various texts related to Iran.


Islamic Manuscripts at Michigan: Full text of a variety of books and documents dating from the 8th to the 20th century CE in Arabic, Persian, and Ottoman Turkish. or


Persian Literature in Translation from The Packard Humanities Institute: Full text of a number of Persian titles translated into English.


Arabic and Middle Eastern Electronic Library at Yale University: General digitized materials with a focus on the middle east.


Islamic Heritage Project from Open Collections Project at Harvard University: manuscripts, printed texts, and maps on Middle East in a variety of topics.


Archives, Photographs, Rare Book PDFs



The World Digital Library: Provides free access to manuscripts, rare books, maps, photographs, and other important cultural documents from all countries and ...


Matson Photograph Collection at the Library of Congress: General Middle East with focus on Palestine.


Abdul Hamid II Collection at the Library of Congress: Ottoman Empire-focused.


Middle East Center at St Antony's College, Oxford University: General photography.


The Levant: Photography and maps.


Syrian History: Syria-focused. access here


Mid East Image: General photography from the middle east.


Albert Kahn Archive:  Specific focus on 1920s.


University of Chicago: General middle east with focus on Egypt.


ArchNet: Resources on architecture, urban design and development in the Muslim world to all users. General.


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